Postgraduate students

  • Marta Gurnik. Microscopic evaluation of the effects of selected substances on in vitro cell cultures - automated analysis of morphological and functional parameters
  • Mateusz Skrzypecki. Software supporting lipid annotation and identification based on mass spectrometry measurements

Undergraduate students

  • Robert Kowalski. Machine learning of grammatical descriptors of protein sequences
  • Małgorzata Mierzejewska. Website providing tools for linguistic modeling of proteins
  • Marzena Ozimek. Computer-aided analysis of lesions in radiology images

Alumni & Past members

  • Zuzanna Onderko (Eng. 2017)
  • Mateusz Skrzypecki (Eng. 2018)
  • Piotr Rudzki (Eng. 2018)
  • Marta Marciniak (Eng. 2017, MSc Eng. 2018)
  • Łukasz Miaśkiewicz (Eng. 2017, MSc Eng. 2018)
  • Mateusz Pyzik (bioinformatician, now PhD candidate at University of Wroclaw)

Open Positions


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