• Witold Dyrka, principal investigator
  • Mateusz Pyzik, bioinformatician

Postgraduate students

  • Marta Gurnik. Microscopic evaluation of the effects of selected substances on in vitro cell cultures - automated analysis of morphological and functional parameters
  • Marta Marciniak. A software application supporting delineation of tumors in PET images
  • Łukasz Miaśkiewicz. In silico identification of new domains in selected proteins of the immune system

Undergraduate students

  • Piotr Rudzki. Improving protein contact prediction using neural networks
  • Mateusz Skrzypecki. Bioinformatic analysis of proteins using computational models of residue-residue contacts


  • Zuzanna Onderko (BSc Eng. 2017)

Open Positions


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